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Points to be covered in peer revision

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A good thesis statement always works. And it’s for all time good practice to have a peer revision. Peer revision can be conducted by fellow students or mentor chosen by student. There are few points that need to be considered during peer revision. 1.            Is the thesis appropriately punctuated? 2.            Is grammatical issues are removed with proper sentences addressed? 3.            Is there something like “they say or them”; if yes, then there must be some addressing to “they” or...

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Make your thesis authentic through professional help

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The students who are pursuing higher education or the doctorate need to write the thesis to complete their research work undertaken. The students at this level do not posses such writing skills. Thus, for them, it is very beneficial to take help from professional writers to make their thesis authentic and valuable. So that it can be made presentable in front of the reviewing faculty. The various services offered by them are as follows: 1. Thesis writing: Students can avail the help of...

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