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Create the best first impression: Follow these abstract writing tips

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An abstract is principally a complete summary of thesis or dissertation that helps not only the reader but also the writer or researcher to convey results and conclusions of the entire academic writing. It is a concise representation of the complete findings of the thesis. An abstract is the selling point for the whole research work and can help capture the interest of readers. The following pointers are helpful in writing an abstract to grab the attention of readers: Identify the Problem and...

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When Should You Look for a Professional’s Help in Thesis Writing?

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Remember those days when you were struggling to make your class assignment or projects. Those were still your school and college days where you can get some liberty in checking and scoring, but gone are those times when you were shown clemency by the examiners. It’s high time when you are a postgraduate and aspiring to pursue a higher degree like a PhD or if you are enrolled into the course but is completely lay man about the proceedings. Many professionals are present to provide you an...

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Why Check Your Thesis Before Submitting It

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You’ve no doubt spent much time and put in many efforts to get your research material together for your dissertation. At the conclusion of all of this effort, you now face another challenge – that of putting all of this research in a standard format that meets the prescribed norms for your paper so that all your hard work is not rejected for minor errors. At Check Your Thesis, you can get professional thesis checking services so that you can be sure that the paper you turn in will...

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Reduce Stress By Checking Your Thesis Before Submission

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You might have spent loads of time on your research and written a thesis that could make anyone proud. However, it can be a nightmare if it was turned down at the last minute because of small errors. Maintaining the required style and logic is essential, and a small lapse in this area can mean rejection of your hard work. Getting your thesis checked can save you all this trouble and hassle. At Check, Your Thesis, you can avail professional services to not just check your thesis, but to also...

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10 tips for excellent formatting

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1. Page - A4 size paper (210 x 297 mm) should be used. Plain white paper of good quality and transparency. 2. Layout - Margins at the binding edge should not be less than 40 mm (1.5 inches) and other margins not less than20 mm (0.75 inches). Page content should be centered so that margins are equidistant from the edge of pages or binding. 3. Double or one-and-a-half spacing should be used in type scripts while single spacing be used for 4. Quotations or footnotes. 5. Pagination - All pages...

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Why to Use Editing and Formatting for Your Thesis?

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Normally it is very difficult for almost everyone including professional editors or writers to evaluate their own work in black and white, above all when in a demanding position for instance approaching the conclusion of graduation. The reason is that the writer is well aware what he has written and hence it becomes almost impossible for him/her to spot any kind of error in the writing. But when a person who is new to the work looks through he can easily spot all the mistakes thereby helps...

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