Create the best first impression: Follow these abstract writing tips

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An abstract is principally a complete summary of thesis or dissertation that helps not only the reader but also the writer or researcher to convey results and conclusions of the entire academic writing. It is a concise representation of the complete findings of the thesis. An abstract is the selling point for the whole research work and can help capture the interest of readers.

The following pointers are helpful in writing an abstract to grab the attention of readers:

Identify the Problem and Research Solution
The Abstract should interpret the subject matter of problem and motivation behind choosing the same. It should shed light on the practical, scientific, theoretical or artistic gap observed during the research. The opening statements of the abstract should clearly outline what the subject of thesis.

Detail the Methodology and procedure followed
The Abstract should be able to convey the methodology which was followed by the author. It should provide a brief of what was the procedure followed, type of research, how was the result obtained, summary of analysis and process.

Mention the propositions and result
The abstract must reveal the brief of results and what was learned or created or invented in the whole process. It should also offer a concise brief on what were the initial assumptions of the problem and how the results were obtained and affected the question.

Review and Update the Abstract
Once the thesis is complete, the Abstract should be reviewed and updated to include any missing information. It must unambiguously reflect the tone and provide a clear picture of the entire thesis. The conclusion of the thesis should be conveyed emphatically.

Concise and clear
The Abstract should be sectioned sequentially and provide clear subheadings to include the background, introduction, objectives, methods, results, and conclusion. It should only be a summary and should not ideally be more than 200-250 words. The keywords should be mentioned to ensure that the reader of the abstract can gather all requisite information regarding the entire thesis from the abstract alone.

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